MASTER OF business administration

  • Overview
  • Course Structure
  • Fee Structure
  • Other Information
  • Specializations

About the course

"MBA is a two year full time post graduate degree course; it is approved by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), Ministry of HRD (Government of India) and affiliated to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam University, Lucknow.

MBA program at KCMT is very intensive and concentrates on overall grooming of the students. We at KCMT strive upon Industrial Orientation in order to make our students competitive in the job world.

Why This Course

MBA program is one of the best professional programs which makes a person sellable in the job market. It provides all round development of students through curricular and extra curricular activities. Development of communication skills takes place through various personality development exercises like group discussions, presentations, debate, extempore etc. Regular industrial visits and conducting the guest lecturers by Corporate senior executives are the unique features of the program. We strive in the development of the students the traits which are needed for their professional growth and to name few are as under:

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Improved English writing skills
  • Time Management
  • High level understanding of common business topics
  • Industrial Exposure
  • Career Planning
  • Future Career Progression
  • Network for Business Opportunities
  • Immense Job Opportunities


Graduation in any discipline from a recognized university with minimum 55% marks in aggregate or UPSEE rank holder and admission through counseling or as per the university guidelines.

Admission Process:

The institute is a participant in UPSEE. All the students who have appeared in the UPSEE examination are eligible to be considered for admission as per the university rules. There is a specific provision for taking the admission in NRI/Management Quota as per the university direction.

15% seats in Khandelwal College Of Management Science and Technology is filled under management quota shall be filled by the NRI candidates at institute level as per eligibility criteria. The vacant seats in management quota or vacant seats after counseling of SEE-UPTU: 2017 shall be filled strictly on the basis of merit of candidates in qualifying examination.


RMB101 Management Concepts and Applications
RMB102 Managerial Economics
RMB103 Financial Accounting for Managers
RMB104 Business Statistics
RMB105 Organisational Behaviour
RMB106 Marketing Management
RMB107 Business Communication
RMB108 Computer Application & Management Information System

MBA II Semester

RMB201 Business Environment
RMB202 Human Resource Management
RMB203 Business Research Methods
RMB204 Financial Management
RMB205 Management Accounting & Control
RMB206 Production Operation & Supply Chain Management
RMB207 Quantitative Techniques for Managers
RMB208 Legal Aspects for Business
RMB209 Comprehaensive Viva

MBA III Semester

RMB301 Strategic Management
RMB302 International Business Management
RVE301 Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics
RMB351 Summer Training Project Report & Viva Voce

MBA VI Semester

RMB401 Corporate Governance : Values and Ethics
RMB402 Entrepreneurship Development
RHU001 Cyber Security
RMB 451 Research Project Report and Viva Voce

Electives for MBA III Semester

Course Code Specialization Group : Human Resource
RMBHR01 Talent Management
RMBHR02 Performance and Reward Management
RMBHR03 Industrial Relations and Labour Laws
Course Code Specialization Group : Marketing
RMBMK01 Sales & Distribution Management
RMBMK02 Consumer Behaviour
RMBMK03 Digital Marketing
Course Code Specialization Group : Finance
RMBFM01 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
RMBFM02 Tax Planning & Management
RMBFM03 Financial Market & Commercial Banking
Course Code Specialization Group : International Business
RMBIB01 International Marketing
RMBIB02 International Logistics
RMBIB03 Export Import Documentation
Course Code Specialization Group : Information Technology
RMBIT01 Enterprise Resource Planning
RMBIT02 Web Technology & E- Commerce
RMBIT03 Cloud Computing for Business
Course Code Specialization Group : Operations
RMBOP01 Supply Chain Management
RMBOP02 Materials Management
RMBOP03 Production Planning & Control

Electives for MBA IV Semester

Course Code Specialization Group : Human Resource
RMBHR04 Training & Development
RMBHR05 Negotiation & Conflict Management
Course Code Specialization Group : Marketing
RMBMK04 Marketing of Services
RMBMK05 Integrated Marketing Communication
Course Code Specialization Group : Finance
RMBFM04 Working Capital Management
RMBFM05 Financial Derivatives
Course Code Specialization Group : International Business
RMBIB04 Trading Blocks & Foreign Trade Frame Work
RMBIB05 Cross Cultural Management
Course Code Specialization Group : Information Technology
RMBIT04 Database Management System
RMBIT05 System Analysis & Design
Course Code Specialization Group : Operations
RMBOP04 World Class Manufacturing & Maintenance Management
RMBOP05 Contract and Project Management

Evaluation Process

We at KCMT conduct three sessional examinations at regular intervals in each semester. Best of two sessional marks scored in all the three exams are considered for the internal evaluation.

Apart from this, internal assessment is also done on the following parameters.

  • Participation in presentations
  • Case studies
  • Group Discussions
  • Quizzes
  • Class tests
  • Timely submission of assignments
  • Attendance

All these constitute the marks awarded in the internal assessment.

Unit Tests:

Test is a regular feature at KCMT. After completion of every unit, tests are held so that the students may be prepared well in advance. The marks scored by the students are taken into consideration during their final assessment.

Assignments :

Assignments are a compulsory part of the curriculum at KCMT. Students are given subject based assignments after completion of every unit. Additional assignments based on magazines, newspapers, advertising, websites of various companies, current affairs are also given to the students to make them more capable.

Teaching Methodology @ KCMT

AT KCMT, students are trained to be focused towards their goals. The range of teaching and learning methods used includes lectures, case studies, presentations on strategies and contemporary issues, simulation, quizzes, assignments, contests, competitions and practical projects. A strong emphasis is laid on the use of modern technology in learning. Further the students are enriched by way of guest lectures, workshops and seminars so that an awareness and understanding of the current corporate issues is generated.

About Lecture Plan @ KCMT

In order to monitor and control the timely completion of syllabus, Lecture Plan are developed and incorporated into curriculum. These Lecture Plans consist of the list of topics in the course along with the suggested readings. With the help of Lecture plan the students may easily know, well in advance about the forthcoming topic of discussion and come prepared to the classes which create an effective understanding of the topics.


The latest theoretical inputs are provided by the faculty of the KCMT. To make the learning process easier and more interesting, various teaching methods and tools are used. Teaching aids like LCD, Slide Projectors and video are used for interesting and effective learning.

Summer Internship @ KCMT

The students are required to undergo summer internship for a period of six to eight weeks with reputed companies. This again helps them to have an exposure to the practical problems in the industry. This enables them to understand and apply theoretical concepts learned in Classrooms in real-life corporate problems. Also, the students are exposed to the corporate culture and they get exposed to the practicalities of organization behavior.

This process helps in development of professional attitude, sense of responsibility, analytical ability and leadership qualities. It also helps the industry in assessing the students’ performance and potential, on the basis of which pre-placement offers are often made.

Project Reports @ KCMT

The students in the final semester are required to work on a research project on a topic of their interest or specialization. Various faculty members guide them and help them in the completion of the project. On completion of their projects, the students are required to make presentation of their reports before the panel of faculty and external expert from industry & academics.

Presentations @ KCMT:

Presentation is the practice of showing and explaining the contents of a topic before an audience. This exercise makes the budding managers aware about various study topics and carries out a deep study for the same. Topics from day to day happenings in Business World or Social problems are also assigned to make them analyze the situations which help in developing their analytical skills. It also removes hesitation and makes the students confident in facing the audience. Giving presentations is a compulsory feature for each student.

During the preparation of the presentations, the students are also guided about the following:

  • Planning of the Presentation
  • Structuring the Presentation
  • Adding valuable examples for support during the Presentation
  • Creating the Visual impact
  • Overcoming hesitation and stage fear
  • Delivering the Presentation

Presentation Competitions are also organized at different intervals to enhance the skill of the students. Few of the topics of Presentation are as follows:

  • India is the new land of opportunities
  • Education in India is Unproductive
  • Indian TV channels are destroying our culture
  • Is advertising a waste of resource
  • Privatization will lead to less corruption
  • Green advertisement
  • Medical tourism
  • Economy with environment

Presentations on Industrial Sectors @ KCMT:

The students are required to identify the various high growth Industrial sectors and make presentations about the same so that they are prepared for their summer and Final placements. This exercise actually makes them aware of the various industrial sectors and the growth opportunities within them. They are thus made aware of the latest developments in these sectors as well as issues related to relevant industries. Some of them are as follows:

  • Telecommunication
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Automobile
  • FMCG
  • IT Sector
  • Real Estate

The presentation covers the following information-

  • Overview of the industrial sector
  • Competitive environment/ various players in the market
  • Brief profile of the various companies
  • Analysis of growth prospects

General Knowledge Quiz @ KCMT:

Quiz is a brief assessment used in education to measure growth in student’s knowledge, abilities, and/or skills. Quiz is a regular feature incorporated into the curriculum. At KCMT, time to time Quiz are organized at various levels for students of MBA covering information on.

  • Current happenings in Business
  • Current Affairs
  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Brand Ambassadors

Also Mixed Bag Sessions are conducted which contains questions from almost every section like entertainment,

  • Awards
  • Abbreviations
  • Sports
  • Politics
  • Social problems
  • Laws and enactments etc

Case Studies @ KCMT:

KCMT has excelled in Case Study Method of Teaching.

Case study method of teaching helps in imparting practical insight in various business problems enabling the future managers to make an in-depth investigation of any problem related to single individual, group, event or any organization.

This method is really helpful as it inculcates the ability to analyze the business problem and formulate the solutions or the action plan by applying the managerial skills. It also helps in applying the theory into practical and real business situations exposing the budding manager to practical learning. Students have been exposed to at least 40 cases in each semester including cases from Harvard and IIMs. Some exclusive cases are:

  • Dabbawalas, Mumbai - SWOT Analysis
  • Tasty bites Eatables Ltd. A case about significance of communication
  • Different leadership styles in a learning organization- study on Indian Automobile industry
  • Apollo Health and lifestyle Ltd, Retail franchising in the healthcare industry
  • Balaji Wafers : A quest for new Horizons
  • Diversity Blues- An in basket Exercise
  • The rejuvenated International Monetary fund (A case from HBR)
  • Child Labour in Cocoa industry (Corporate Social Responsibility initiative)
  • Karoshi
  • UCSF and Biomedical Innovation
  • Turnaround strategy of Ceat Tyre
  • Aravind Eye hospital : A case of social Entrepreneurship
  • Biocon, the Indian Biotech star
  • Seg way HT : Troubles and Challanges of the revolutionary human transporter
  • Sim wong hoo : the nimble entrepreneur
  • Social Entrepreneurship : serving the niche business
  • Usefulness of business newspapers among management students – Case in Punjab

Business Simulation Games @ KCMT

Business Simulation Games also form a part of the curriculum at KCMT. It can be done individually or in groups, and are used in virtually all business fields of study –

  • Strategic management and policy
  • Marketing management
  • Human resources management
  • Manufacturing and operating systems
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Venture development, etc.

Group Discussions @ KCMT

KCMT students are trained to participate in Group Discussions atleast twice in a week The focus is to develop excellent communication and analytical skills and ability to form a consensus on various issues through this unique method amongst the budding managers.

Group discussion is a time tested methodology to develop some of the most important managerial traits viz.

  • Team spirit
  • Reasoning Ability
  • Leadership
  • Flexibility
  • Assertiveness
  • Initiative
  • Creativity
  • Out of the Box Thinking
  • Inspiring Ability
  • Listening skills
  • Awareness among the students.

Newspaper and magazine reading @ KCMT

To develop communication skills among the students, they are emphasized to go through the newspaper daily and to consult dictionary for difficult words. This helps them to develop their vocabulary and pronunciation and also keeps them informed about the latest news and advancements.

Dictionary @ KCMT

This is a unique feature of KCMT curriculums wherein the students are abridged with the terminology of various subjects taught like Marketing, HR, Finance, and International Business and are given exercises based upon the terms discussed to develop a greater understanding. Also volumes of Buzz Words are delivered to the students and enhance their knowledge about various industry trends and terms used in the corporate.

Role Plays @ KCMT

KCMT uses this tool in developing the decision making capability. A real life situation is given to the students who are then informed about the roles they have been assigned. The situation is enacted and the thrust is laid upon finding a solution to the problem which has been assigned to the students in the form of a problem situation in Marketing, HR or Finance.

Finally the observer (faculty) will conclude and give feedback. The students will also be informed about the management principles, strategies used in solving the problem.

Workshops @ KCMT

At KCMT workshops form a regular part of the curriculum. Various workshops on Communication, Personality Development, IT skills, MS Excel have been conducted regularly to make the student more saleable in the job market.

Live Projects @ KCMT

As a part of giving practical exposure to the MBA students, they are assigned live projects based upon the real and existing problems in the industry so that the student gathers the information, formulates the problem and tries to find out the probable solution and suggestions to the problems by interacting with the present customers in the market thus enhancing the knowledge base and clarifying the theoretical concepts told to him within the classroom.

Live TV @ KCMT

Special Audio visual facility has been developed in the lecture halls of MBA. The students are shown various programs broadcasted by the National Business and News channels such as Zee Business, CNBC Awaz, National Geographic and Discovery. It develops a sense of connectivity with outside world through media and better understanding towards the various problems and solutions in the business activity going around the globe.

Ad mad Show @ KCMT

In order to explore the creativity amongst the budding managers, a group of 2 to 3 members would display the advertisement upon the products or services assigned to them prior to the event. This helps them to develop new ideas and creativity in presenting those ideas. This is a unique activity which is performed by the students and enhances the understanding towards Branding , positioning and Advertising .

Corporate Exposure @ KCMT

Industrial Visits

KCMT keeps on organizing various industrial trips from time to time in various companies to create and develop a know how of various processes carried out in

  • Product development
  • Marketing problems and solutions
  • HR problems and solutions in the industries.

Few of the companies visited are

  • Mahindra and Mahindra
  • Parle G
  • Tata Motors
  • Britannia
  • Pearl Polymers
  • HCL

International Exposure @ KCMT

KCMT - Pioneer in organizing International Visits for Merit Holders

First International Industrial Visit to Singapore (September 10-16, 2008)

During the maiden trip, students visited several places of importance which included Water treatment plants, Science centre apart from the fun loaded Night Safari, City Tour, and Sentossa Island Visit at Singapore.

Foreign industry covered was KHONG GUAN BISCUIT FACTORY, Singapore to know the production, packaging process adopted by them. Also the company presented an overview about its History, Management and various marketing practices adopted for distribution in the international market. The students were highly benefited with the information gained during this international visit.

Second International Educational Visit to Singapore and Malaysia (August 17-24, 2009)

Second international educational trip was sent to Singapore and Malaysia where the students visited various places of National importance. Students could get a golden opportunity to visit INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY OF MALAYSIA where they attended round table discussions and valuable lectures by faculty of international repute. They flooded the students with information about the economy of the country which enlightened the students about the factors affecting economic developments of the country in the international scenario.

Third International Industrial Trip to Dubai (August 6-10, 2011)

Future managers of KCMT visited many places of significance like Burj Khalifa, sea shores, shopping malls etc. In order to have an industrial exposure, the team of students visited NATIONAL PAINTS LTD., Sharjah where they came to know about the product’s manufacturing, and marketing practices in Dubai and international market.

This visit also enabled the students to grab valuable information about the job opportunities, job requirements in the paint industry especially in Gulf countries

They had an unforgettable experience to visit world’s tallest sky scrappers Al Burj Khalifa.

Student Development Corner

KCMT - Pioneer in organizing International Visits for Merit Holders

Management Society @ KCMT

Students at KCMT are assigned various duties as a member of Management Society which has many clubs (Marketing, Finance, and Human Resource), cultural club and sports club. This society is responsible for organizing and conducting various activities like

  • Presentation competition
  • Case study competition
  • Group discussions
  • Management Quiz
  • Annual Seminars
  • Annual Cultural Festival
  • Annual Inter-college cultural event
  • Annual Sports Day
  • Navaratra Mahotsava

Students are an active part of Organizing Committee in order to be trained in various aspects of event management, leadership and team building skills.

Mentor Mentee Meet @ KCMT

At KCMT, students are allotted to the faculty members in order to create healthy relations amongst each other. Each student or the mentee is able to get proper guidance and solutions from his/ her mentor in case of academic, personal or problem which he/ she may face in any walk of life. This creates a wonderful atmosphere for learning.


Seminars once in a semester are organized in the institution where eminent personalities from academics and industry are called to share their views and guide the future managers on the concurrent issues and problems.

  • Global Service trends, emerging paradigms held on March 12, 2007
  • Convergence of Information and Technology and Management on September 7, 2007
  • Emerging trends in Supply Chain management on November 3, 2007
  • Value added Tax on February3, 2008
  • Budget Colloquium on March 3, 2008
  • Emerging Dimensions of Indian Economy in a global Perspective on November 15, 2008
  • Entrepreneurship: Opportunities in turbulent times on April 1, 2009
  • Role of Advertisements in Brand Building, conducted on October 23, 2010
  • ‘Budget ka Sach’ a seminar on evaluating the budget 2011 was conducted on March 1, 2011
  • Ethical Consciousness of Business on October 18, 2011

Guest Lecture Series

We at KCMT keep on organizing Guest lectures by the experts in different fields. The main advantage of such type of seminars and guest lecture is that the students are abridged with what is happening in their surroundings. Also, they may be able to co-relate their theoretical knowledge with the practical explanation given by the experts. Actual happenings, case studies, various problems in corporate and the solutions when discussed in the class, again makes the students develop analytical skills in much better way.

  • Mr. Vivek Chaturvedi, Relationship Manager, Standard Chartered Bank, Lucknow, highlighted the contribution of banking sector in progress of Indian economy and about career in banking.
  • Mr. Rajesh Gupta, practicing Chartered Accountant, Delhi spoke on importance of goal setting in life.
  • Mr. Partho Kunar spoke on expectations of the corporate world from the future managers.
  • Mr. Akhil Chaturvedi, Managing Director, Provogue, Mumbai spoke upon the blooming retail sector and the opportunities and how to develop for the same.
  • Mr. Ankur Chaturvedi, Vice President, Dupont discussed the real problem about distribution channels of Bingo in the form of case study.
  • Professor P.N.Mishra, Indore spoke to the students on Indian Ethos of Management.
  • Guest lecture by Dr. S.K.Tiwari, Professor, GB Pant University, PantNagar Emphasizing upon the significance of Communication skills for the students pursuing a professional course like MBA.
  • Guest Lecture by Ms. Amrita Kaur, Head HR Deptt. Parle, Sitarganj who shared her experiences with MBa III semester students during the interviews as an interviewer and also gave tips to qualify interviews.
  • She also conducted mock interview session to give the students a practice about the same.
  • Guest lecture by Ms. Shalini Batra, Trainer, Nine Vision IT Corporates Pvt Ltd, Noida was coducted and the students were informed about the various professional skills required to be a sound MBA candidate and what are the means of acquiring these traits. She also explained them about the expectations of the industry from MBA professionals.

Faculty Development Programs

Seminars once in a semester are organized in the institution where eminent personalities from academics and industry are called to share their views and guide the future managers on the concurrent issues and problems.

  • “Teachers training on educational Technology” by Dr. Veerendra Kumar- Coordinator. Instructional Technology, GB Pantnagar University, Pantnagar and Dr. M.P.Saxena, Ex-Director, CAS , Pantnagar on 28 & 29 July, 2006
  • ‘Importance of Case methodology in Education’ by Dr. Mukesh Pandey, (IIM, Kolkata) on 1 & 2 August, 2007
  • ‘How to make teaching effective and efficient’ by Dr. R.C. Mishra, Director, Professional Studies, Kumaun University and Dr. Gyanesh Sharma, professor inCommunication, GB Pant Univesity, Pantnagar on August 1&2, 2008
  • ‘Teaching Profession and the professional teacher’ by prof. harish Choudhary (IIT, Delhi) on December 28, 2008.
  • ‘Teaching aids for effctive and efficient learning’ by Dr. Gyanenesh Sharma (Joint Director, G B Pant University, Pantnagar) on July 31 & August 1 , 2009
  • ‘Research Methodology and ten commandants of effective teaching’ by Dr. D P S Vrma (Delhi university) on August 29,2010
  • Indian Ethos for Management by Dr. P.N.Mishra (DAV , Indore) on December 2, 2010.
  • Ms. Ritu Arora, James International conducted an interactive workshop with the faculty members emphasizing upon the need to develop the lecture according to the expectations of the students on December 23, 2010
  • Ms. Shweta Trivedi, North Carolina State University, America laid emphasis on the significance of various qualities of a good teacher.
  • Ms. Neha Rajput from Adwait,Noida conducted a development programme on Role of teachers as role models among the students on January 13, 2011
  • Dr. Arun Kumar, Allahabad took FDP session on 7 habits of highly effective people on February 2, 2011

MBA in Marketing

If you are an MBA student or an aspiring one, you can do specialization in number of areas like finance, Human resource etc. If you are creative and have interest in the trends of the world then you might want to consider a career in marketing.

What does Marketing Includes? 

  • Educates the candidates by emphasizing on marketing and the field related to it like
    1. Advertising
    2. Consumer behavior
    3. Promotion and sales of goods and services
    4. As well as management consulting
  • MBA in marketing helps candidates in learning to organize, motivate, and compensate the sales team of any organization. 
  • MBA in marketing helps you to segregate market audience and devise marketing strategy according to their preferences.
  • It helps in providing the management of an organization with solutions related to budgeting, researching and dealing with public relations.
  • Marketing is a specialization where you work on to promote the company’s product and build its brand.

Scope of Marketing Professionals: 

MBA marketing professionals are always in great demand in all industrial sectors because of increase in competition in marketing products and services. They are sure to enjoy excellent career growth in this highly competitive world. Marketing manager, market research analyst, brand manager and new product manager are some of the job profiles available for MBA marketing professionals.

At KCMT, Marketing specialization is offered in combination with other streams like Marketing+ HR/ Marketing+ Finance/ Marketing+ IB/ Marketing+ IT.

MBA in Finance

Students who graduate in commerce or those who have an inclination towards the financial sector opt for MBA Finance.  Finance department is the core department of any organization so the demand of finance professional is increasing as a result more and more students are opting for specialized degree in finance.

Need for MBA Finance

The challenges faced by companies to date are far different from those faced in the past, and hence they require recruits that have a deep understanding and knowledge of the markets and its financial trends, and is able to take decisions quickly.

What does MBA Finance includes

An MBA with a concentration in Finance is a degree which

  • Focuses towards the financial sector
  • Provides extensive learning of subjects like Costing, Budgeting, International Finance, Corporate Finance, working Capital management, securities and investments etc.
  • Makes you proficient to work in any financial department of any organization.

Scope of MBA Finance: 

Finance professionals are in demand for planning the financial strategies for the company.  After obtaining your degree, you may opt to be a

  • Financial analyst, corporate controller, chief financial officer, company treasurer, risk and insurance manager, investment banker, management consultant, credit specialist etc.
  • The number of opportunities in this field is endless because of the massive scope of finance management.

At our institution, finance can be opted as major or minor in combination with Marketing.

MBA in Human Resource

Industrial Visits

MBA in Human Resources combine the essentials of general MBA programs with specialised training in human resource management like planning, mediation, recruitment and labour relations. The programme prepares the graduates to incorporate the HR strategies into overall plans of any company.

What does MBA HR includes?

MBA with a specialisation in HR Management

  • Focuses on the skills that are required to be effective organisational managers.
  • Students are taught human resource development, the legal aspects of management, and strategic human resource management.
  • Students become familiar with the social, cultural, and economic factors that influence employee relations.
  • It also teaches the students how to assess and improve essential components of company operations, including compensation, benefits, salary negotiations and safety standards.

Scope of MBA HR

Today, apart from doing recruitment and selections, interviewing etc tasks HR managers are also actively involved in shaping corporate policies of the company.

  • The candidates can start the career as HR executives, trainees in HR deptt of various companies and even consultancies.
  • They themselves can also work as consultants to advise corporations on anticipated organisational change.

At our institution, HR can be opted as major or minor in combination with Marketing.

MBA in International Business

An MBA in International Business grooms working managers and executives for careers of increased responsibility with

  • Focus on diversity and multicultural concerns,
  • International relations and business strategies sensitive to international issues.  

There is also international marketing which is simply the application of marketing principles to more than one country. 

Scope of MBA IB

In today’s global economy, many businesses are looking to expand into an international market, therefore, careers in international business are expected to grow at a faster than normal rate. From banks to manufacturing firms to government agencies, almost all industries have a need for people with a background in international business

fresh postgraduate in International Business Management is usually recruited as a management trainee. The offerings head northward for international placements. Job satisfaction and career growth can be an important factor in International market research firms or consulting organizations.

At KCMT, IB can be opted as major or minor in combination with Marketing.

MBA in Information Technology

The basic nature of the course is to integrate the growing demand of information technology with business management.

What does MBA- IT includes:

  • Educates people regarding the application and implementation of information technology in the businesses.  
  • Covers everything about the emerging IT trends.
  • Enables you to conceptualize and execute organizational planning in terms of IT infrastructure.
  • Helps students to understand the maintenance of network, system, along with the business knowledge.
  • Attempts to combine business areas with computer knowledge to create well rounded IT managers.

An MBA in IT provides a theoretical and applied foundation in essential leadership, management and finance concepts, while focusing on implementation and understanding of new technologies in the IT field. If you are skilled with computers and want to turn this into a career in the business field, then consider an MBA in IT.

Scope of MBA - IT

There are many companies both national and international which require skilled and qualified professionals to help them cope with the dynamic business environment. 

As a result, the requirement for professionals with in-depth knowledge of managerial aspects and functions along with the technical skills has increased up to a great extent. 

At KCMT, IT can be opted as major or minor in combination with Marketing.

MBA in Operations

An MBA in operations exposes management students towards tackling the challenges in logistics, supply chain design and supply chain management. It also develops the skill of continuously looking for ways and means to make operating systems or processes more efficient and simpler to use, such that production cost is reduced and profit margin goes up.

What does MBA Operations include:

  • As the nature of work of an MBA in Operations graduate is highly technical and technological, the student is trained in the background courses required for Operations papers.
  • A specialization in a related field, such as logistics or supply chain management, helps the students to enter the industry by developing the requisite skillset or to help those already in the industry to widen their knowledge and push on into a business leadership role.
  • Offers a global perspective on industry trends and an awareness of any financial regulations or political uncertainties that could impact an organization. Indeed, risk management, getting to grips with the industry’s inherent complexities and responding well to change will be a strong consideration for students during their course.
  • Emphasizes upon the importance of strategic thinking that enables the graduates to ensure their organization stays ahead of its competition.
  • Ability to analyse and understand business process, system process and technicalities behind working of machines and equipments is developed.
  • Further, good analytical skills, such that calculation and interpretation with numbers is easy for the person is very important to be inculcated.

Scope of MBA Operations

Graduates in Operations Management are in great demand in industry. They have option to pursue career in different sub fields within operations like supply chain, consultancy, operations strategy, inventory control, manufacturing strategy, strategic planning, logistics planning, and many others. They can get following roles:-

  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Operations Consultant
  • Inventory Control Manager

At KCMT, Operations can be opted as major or minor in combination with Marketing.

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